To capture the new bold and beautiful design of the Volkswagen Arteon we hired a blind photographer.

Client: Volkswagen  |  Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Role: Senior Art Director  |  Production: Bubbles Films

Director: TJ O`Grady  |  Photography: David Daub, SoMe 

Beauty in every sense.

To promote the new Volkswagen Arteon and its Avantgardian design we wanted to do something special that would appeal to the Design & Art loving target group. So we hired the blind photographer Pete Eckert. Who better can explain the new design to the world than him? „You don’t need eyes to see beauty“.


The blind photographer Pete Eckert works with slow speed photography and dim light to capture his images. 


Over the course of six days we documented the artist and his process of making the images. The results of the photo shoot were absolut stunning images of the Volkswagen Arteon and a never seen before multimedia campaign that excited the audience. 

The online documentary about the blind photographer was viewed 11 million times on Facebook. It was adapted in multiple formats and distributed in over 20 countries. We had over 12 million media impressions. The online showroom had over 260.000 showroom visits and 75.000 successfully configured Arteons. Conversion rate increase from 11% to 15%.


„Some of the coolest car
photos you’ll ever see“


“Striking, ghostly images.”


Besides Posters, Billboards and print ads – that we kept minimalistic to focus on the art work – we also had an 8 page in-dept story about the project and the unusual photographer published as an editorial in the renowned car magazine „RAMP“.


To get the full overview on this multimedia campaign
you can watch the case film here:


Lovie Award 2018:
Gold in Internet Video, Documentary

Commawards 2018:
Gold in Print, Craft

Epica Awards 2018:
Silver in Advertising Photography
Bronze in Branded Content, Film/series

ADC Germany 2018:
Bronze in Print Craft/Photography
Bronze in OOH Craft/Photography
Bronze in Integrated Communication

New York Advertising Awards 2018:
Bronze in Digital/Cyber Communication/Craft
Bronze in Print, Craft/Photography

Die Klappe 2018:
Bronze in Branded Content