How Volkswagen created a phone case to promote the Car-Net Window Defroster app.

Client: Volkswagen  |  Agency: DDB°
Role: Senior Art Director    

For annoying winter mornings.

Walking out in the cold winter morning to scrape ice of your car sucks. Coming from an small arctic island in the north of Norway, I know!

But Volkswagen introduced a technology that made winter mornings less annoying: the Car-Net Window Defroster, an app that allows drivers to get the ice off of their car windows by using their phones. With the winter approaching, Volkswagen asked us to promote this innovation by reaching out to potential costumers.
We created the „PhoneScraper“, the world’s first phone case that also works as an ice scraper. It was sent as a limited edition mailing with the message: „Now you can defrost you car using your phone. But you might prefer to use our app“. - a lighthearted way to remind potential costumers of what our innovation can do for them. 


Beyond creating excitement for Volkswagen and the Car-Net app among potential customers, the „PhoneScraper“ helped raise the number of Car-Net registrations by 13%. But most importantly, it made the winter a little easier for everyone who switched to Volkswagen.