What ever sport you are into –  
it doesn’t take much to get started.

Client: Decathlon  |  Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Role: Senior Art Director  |  Production: Rabbicorn Films

Director: Carlo Oppermann  |  Photography: Florian Bison

Decathlon’s mission is to make sport available for the broad masses.
They strive to champion the athlete in everyone. So with this campaign
we wanted to show that you don’t really need that much to get started.


Design system.

For the new campaign we also created posters and billboards. Eventhough the first part of the campaign focused on teamsports, we needed to create a design system that was flexible enough to show the whole product range. 

The solution was to find a way to present all products equal. The design system is flexible and consists of three layers. The background sets the mood and shows the product in use always with a Decatlon blue overlay. This way the background doesn’t compete too much with the other layers. The second layer shows the isolated product. The stage has room to feature big and small products and everything in between. The third layer describes the product, it also holds the price information and a headline that in best case puts a smile on the viewers lips.


The products below were not involved in the campaign but are a part of the Decathlon product range. These ads served as proof of concept that the design system we created was flexible enough to show big and small products in a consistant and interesting way.