Your life doesn’t change, when
your car changes.

Client: Volkswagen  |  Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Role: Senior Art Director  |  Production: Abelone Films

Director: Andreas Kleiberg  |  Photography: Maik Flöder

Stories from an electrified country.

In Germany, the prejudices against the electric car were many. People did’t want to make the switch: Too expensive, too complicated, not enough reach. Our task was to prove the critics wrong and help get rid of some of the prejudices. Our solution „Be more Norway“.

Why Norway?
We choose Norway not only because it might be the last country you would think about when it comes to e-mobility but it is also the country with the most e-cars of all the European countries.The goal of the campaign „Be more Norway“ was to show that your life doesn’t change, when your car changes. If e-mobility works in Norway it would work for every day use everywhere else too.

„As long as your country
has electricity, e-mobility
is pain free … 
– Thomas, IT Projektmanager &
„Typical Norwegian guy“
„Range anxiety ...
– I haven’t really felt that.“

– Ginge, Composer & Space enthusiast


Some cold facts.

The stories from the electrified country was a success and at the end of the campaign we had 42 million impressions in total – Facebook, instagram and Youtube.

We managed to get 300% more traffic to the webspecial during the campaign and 100% more configurations of the e-Golf in the online configurator.

Tusen takk til alle som så kampanjen!